What size do I buy?
The small is designed to fit in any standard brand small walker boot.
The medium is, of course, for a medium boot and the large is for a large. 
If it seems too long, can I trim it to fit?
No. You would lose it's ability to hold air.
I got to checkout and it didn't ask me which foot?
 It's reversible and it is labeled for right or left. 
How soon should it come?
2-3 business days, you will get shipping updates.
Is it easy to put in and use?
It comes with an inflation pump and simple instructions.
Can I return or exchange it for a different size?
Certainly. Just contact us thru info@rodkenterprises.com. We will issue you a RA# and authorize your return or exchange as long as it's unused, within 30 days and in the original packaging.
Can it be reused in case, heaven forbid, I need it again?
Yes, keep the inflation pump and instructions.
Do I have to inflate the insole every time I put on the boot?
No. Once you get it set, as long as it feels good, it's ready and waiting for you.
What do I do if I lose my inflation pump?
You can order another one off this web site.